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New Jersey area guitarist Anthony Rufo has released his CD of instrumental guitar works, entitled Makin' Waves. The eight guitar-dominated tracks are based in the rock genre, but overall, cover a wide sonic territory (like the solo guitar intro to "Imagination"). In addition to guitar, Rufo also provides piano, keyboards and Hammond B-3 instrumentation, while the project is anchored by the drumming of Johnnie Adams. Rufo's compositions allow plenty of room to stretch, as numbers such as "Imagination", "Kathryn" and "Sanctifying Grace" crack the seven-minute mark. These are balanced by quick-hitters such as the Hammond-driven "Crusin'" and the opener "Tonester Bushido", which kind of sums up a lot of Rufo's rock playing - with a funky rhythm intro, exotically scaled leads, and an overdriven, whammy-enriched, two-handed tapping, legato section. Overall, Rufo goes for the heart and soul of guitar expression - if that's what you're looking to find, give Makin' Waves a listen!

1 Father  
2 Cruisin  
3 Kathryn  
4 Tonester Bushido  
5 Imagination  
6 Soul Searching  
7 Bodhi Blues